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Saturday, 4 October 2014

In which One forgets me pants...

The rain dance that One has been doing had paid dividends and suitably monsoon-esque conditions are buffetting about up me gusset to the extent that THE BOOTS ARE STILL IN THE BOX.  Result!
In fact One has only just this minute emerged from neath the duvet
The chances of One getting ackled up in One's walking gear are v v slender.
The A of the F should still be basking in the glory of being the only cove ever to bring his influences to bear upon One's wardrobe.
Today One will be mostly wearing One's trackie bottoms over One's Jim jams and holding a packet of frozen peas over One's left eye. One may, from time to time scoff a banana and chocolate sanger.
'What are you going to do while I'm out?'  Enquired the A.
'Thinking,' replied One.
'Oh no' says he, 'you over think everything as it is.'
Well, Dear Reader, One will be thinking about bras and pants, since One has inadvertently left all One's afore mentioned foundation garments at home airing on top of the Rayburn.
In fact the A had to accompany One into town to acquire a brassiere lest One turn up tonight to be introduced to his chums wearing the Triumph Teenager Sports bra.
Not a good look for the older woman, he says. Particularly with the straps poking out of the diaphanous chiffon evening gown One will be wearing to the local Weatherspoons.

1 comment:

Michael said...

When I read entries like this I wonder why no one has approached you to make a television series out of your life.

What would the cartoon for today be? You and the A of the F in the bra shop? :)