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Monday, 20 October 2014

In which One falls for the A…


One, accompanied by the A of the F, walked…



That, to those of you un-initiated with Ordinance Survey maps, like what One is, is Five fecking hundred feet above sea-level.

I know, Dear Reader, I couldn’t believe it either! But there you are, One did it.  Not, it has to be recorded, without a lot of ‘comment making’ which the darling A of the F calls ‘moaning.’

One is not quite the scampering little mountain goat yet as One tripped over and fell, narrowly missing a tumble down the v steep approach to the water.

This ungainly splat wasn’t attributable to the fact that One’s keks are constantly falling down, One has a new pair that fit.  No, more because of One being a clumsy, galumphing great oaf.

It wasn’t until One espied the darling A limping upon our return that he owned up to having twisted his ankle and being in sharp pain.

‘Why didn’t you say something?’ enquired One.

‘There wasn’t anything you could do about it, was there? Shit happens,’ replied the inscrutable cove.

One, being the sort who allows EVERTHING  to charge out of One’s gob without thinking it through, couldn’t get to grips with that at all.

In fact, One has very probably said too much about a lot of things this weekend.  But, if you don’t say what you feel and think the other person will never know, will they?

So, it seems likely that One will continue to blurt out all manner of stupid things whilst the A will continue to keep it all to himself.  That really just makes me adore him all the more!!

1 comment:

Michael said...

Complaining during arduous hikes is half the fun! When I'm too tired to make jokes, THEN it's really no longer fun.