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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

In which One cries ‘Let me in-a your window 0w ow ow

Misery, miserable people, unhappiness, gloom – BE GONE

If poor dear, darling Lovely One can remain chipper in the face of impending doom, so should others who are much better placed than One.

Obv.,  not counting all the desps who have real probs under the same sun, just the warm and cosy secure ones who snuggle into their misery like a comfort blankie.

One’s comfort blankie shall come with One on this, the most unpleasant (weatherwise) day to have been dismissed from One’s cell to wander, wraithlike upon the moor.

Shall One huddle in a doorway and make a shelter from a couple of Hello magazines and an empty fag packet? 

Shall One disguise a bottle of Pinot in a brown paper bag and slump, vagrant-like upon a damp park bench?

Shall One seek sanctuary with Boy?

Shall One push One’s luck at BF and BFP’s yet again?  If One does that there is likely to be a change in the Heinz slogan to ‘56’ varieties, given the amount of Tomato soup BF has fed to One over the last couple of maudlin months.

The A of the F was obscured by a blanket of fog on his homeward journey yesterday.  Would that One could be lost in that fog with he.  Just like Kathy and Heathcliffe we’d be.

‘I don’t know what our souls are made of, but they are the same.’

Katherine Earnshaw – Wuthering Heights

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