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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

In which the Autumn mists fall gently…


Apols, Dear Reader, for the fuzzy quality of the picture of One’s dear little foot, but One is in such appalling pain that One couldn’t hold still the Box Brownie.  ‘Tis still possible to observe the swollen and bandaged nature of One’s tiny little pinkie, with possibly the largest and most dreadfully painful blister in the world.

‘Don’t come running to me when you’ve got blisters,’ said that heartless brute, The A of the F.

Well, you great big, sensibly shod bully, you, One hopes you’re satisfied now that One is on the cusp of hospitalisation for the coming months.

And all because you couldn’t colour-co-ordinate One’s socks! (which, incidentally came home in One’s handbag, so One has been sleeping with them under One’s pillow)

Nurse J administered one of them there spesh blister plaster devices and that may well hold off the First Responders and Crash Team for a while, but it’s no thanks to you, great, brutish, waterproof jacket wearing, outdoor thug.

Any road up, ‘tis deffo the season of ‘fists and fellow mootfullness’ as One has been deploying the onesie and special insulated, pink, thermal socks of a night time.

‘Oh no, Lovely One,’ One hears your heart rending plea, Dear Reader, ‘Hasn’t the dear old A of the F suffered enough with you in them ghastly old brown jim jams?  Surely you’re not going to risk deploying the onesie on a romantic weekend?’


The north wind whistling through One’s Twinkle Triangle is enough to deploy the Gok Wan control leggings UNDERNEATH the onesie never mind just the onesie its-divine-self!

‘Tis a tad nippy in the Manor of an evening, and, SURELY, One has One’s darling little toes far enough under the table to risk introducing the onesie without the A of the F heading for the hills?

So, in conclusion, Dear Reader, never mind that Michael bleedin’ Fish, One is the true harbinger of the changing of the seasons, for when the onesie is out, the summer is well and truly gone and the Autumn mists swirl gently around Lovely One and the A of the F having a sneaky snog somewhere next a waterfall in North Heaven.



1 comment:

Michael said...

I have no idea what a "onesie" means to you, but for me it's the outfit of infants (see American baby clothing). In my mind, I also tried out what are lovingly referred to as "footy pajamas" (as they could be said to be all one piece).

My cartoon for today would be you in the center of a crowd - that being the Crash Responders Team - while A of the F stands "gruffly" off to the side, the "sensible-jacket-wearing thug."