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Saturday, 27 September 2014

In which One ain't got a vase...

It may surprise you to hear, Dear Reader, That One is an'over thinker'
This has been decreed by the A of the F
'Blimey' One hears you chorus, 'How long has he known you?'
Aren't you the eejit who, when asked by the Bank Manager to sign a form 'where indicated in pencil' actually signed it in pencil?
Yes, Dear Reader, c'est moi.
Still, tis fab that One is perceived as a thinker on any level.
One shall repay this compliment by behaving in the manner of a Geisha for the entire weekend.
One has been schooled in the art of Geisha-ing by BF, who has been attending to the whims of BFP for the passing of many a moon.
'Shame I haven't met him yet' opined BF, we could moan about him as well as BFP while we're up the garden smoking fags.'
'I'm not saying one single word against him', countered One, 'he bought me a massive bunch of roses yesterday. Still, that means I'll have to have me legs open for a week.'
'Why?  Ain't you got a vase?' BF replied.

1 comment:

Neil Stone said...

Obviously they couldn't go there, it would interfere with the fracking.