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Saturday, 20 September 2014

in which it's all for under a tenner

For future reference, Dear Reader, The over sixties shouldn't...
A.    Consume gin and tonic immediately following two bottles of red wine
B.    Wait until ten past two in the morning before deciding to teach a drunken woman to play the guitar.
C.     Sing sixties pop songs very loudly, and out of tune, when living in such close proximity to the Big House.
D.     Repair to the boudoir with the ardent fervour of a teenager when in fact a chubby old dollop wearing Matalan Jim jams is all that's waiting under the quilt.
All in all a most satisfactory evening and just the beginning of a thrilling weekend of unbridled pash with fish finger sandwiches thrown in
 And all for under a tenner.

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