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Saturday, 7 June 2014

In which Oysters are consumed…


A little glimpse of the Wood Nymph having a quick smoke in Brixham yesterday.

The three quid, charity shop frock, sadly isn’t quite visible under the four quid raincoat.  It did, of course, look divine, until teamed with the 60 denier black tights (with a large hole in) and the Doc Martens.

Ah well, One is obv out of touch with all things on trend, and was, as per, ackled up in a floaty frock with some chubby-thigh gripping Spanx beneath.

BUT One was wearing Doc Martens!  (Girly ones, of course)

Any road up, we delivered a big painting and ONE GOT AN ORDER FOR SOME NEW ORIGINALS – Hurrah!

But – that does involve One actually doing real work instead of mooning around like a love-sick Koala Bear. (gently intoxicated  and very, very sleepy)

Oysters were consumed on the harbour wall and ghastly shell-dwelling molluscs such as: cockles, whelks and the slightly more attractive – mussel.

One does have slight worries regarding The Peer of the Realm given that the WN has been consuming Oysters!  Not only that, but she was last seen heading off into the distance, clutching a lavender bath-bomb, shouting

‘I neeeed a beeer.’


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