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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

In which One tries to contact the British Bath Plug Federation…


Lovely Gordon looking pensive in the grounds at Selworthy.

What a lovely day that was and so was yesterday albeit spent mooning around the garden trying to dream up things to paint that SOMEONE MIGHT ACTUALLY WANT TO BUY

This is the life One has chosen for Oneself and One is not about to give up so must put up with all the delights that abject poverty has to offer.

Uncle Bert and Montgomery the wonder dog arrived in the morning to reclaim their garden furniture before the arrival of the alternatives.

They brought with them a gloomy air and a rake of boxes plastique for One to pack One’s little existence in afore hot-footing up the road to someone else’s gaff for the foreseeable.

The sight of Uncle Bert on the piano stool was one to gladden the heart.

Note to self:  Visit Uncle Bert (he always has a stash of that Toffiffeefee stuff)

One now has to sit on a seat currently occupied by a massive and invasive Clematis that hasn’t bothered to flower for two years but still straggles it’s way all over the place looking aggressively green.

The nubile little Wood Nymph has been absent for the passing of two moons now, no doubt submerged with LB in tepid bathwater.

‘Tis a cruel twist of fate that of the two deliciously intimate relationships occurring concurrently dans le Underground Lair, the young are in a state of frenzy about their approaching separation and are serious in the extreme, whilst the more aged of the amores are simply ecstatic with blissful glee at the unexpected gloriousness of it all!

Any road up, with the need for the WN to acquire gainful employment in order to remain in England, One would like to reach out to The British Bath Plug Federation and offer her up as an Ambassador and Poster Girl.

Surely no one person has done more for the humble British bath plug than she in her short time on our island?

1 comment:

Michael said...

You could paint:
That house from the Selworthy post.
A painted version of that photo of your feet.
A bathtub.
A bathtub, from above, w WN laying under the water on the bottom.
The garden with a rain of snails.
A crazy lady stamping and/or flinging snails by moonlight.