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Sunday, 15 June 2014

In which One is unexpectedly all alone…

The Peony's gone over,

In her ample pink blowsiness,

Toppling on her stem

like a home counties matron

In her dying clover,

Upon the Penstemmon


Any road up, One very unexpectedly spent the day all alone. Odd, that, and a situation that One shall be keeping a watchful and beady eye upon! 

And it didn’t bode well, giving One the opportunity to dwell upon One’s changing state and find everything sadly wanting.

A distraction has been in place for a while and allowed One to forget the coming maelstrom.  Albeit a pleasing one, One shouldn’t allow One’s ageing head to be turned.  ‘Twill only end in tears…

But not this week…

One must pack One’s existence into a hankie on a stick and take to the highway.

And the saddest thing of all is that One doesn’t even have a cat to accompany One.

But One will have a share in a cat in One’s new situation. 

A calming influence, a cat.  Just what the doctor ordered!


One really should have been spending the day doing something productive but One chose to spend it with John Betjeman in the grounds, reading . 

Delightful company, there he sat wearing a crumpled Panama with the flicker of a mischievous smile playing upon his lips. A companionable silence on a sunny summer afternoon.  What more could One desire…


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