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Friday, 27 June 2014

In which One is presented with yet another perfect day…


This, Dear Reader, is the view One shall get from One’s new studio. Aptly, gazing down upon a seething hoard of One’s adoring subjects.

AND whilst we’re on the subject of adoration, One is an Adorer and an Adoree.  Now – isn’t that just about as perfect as a day can get?

I digress darlings, today One wished to tell of other things…

One has just awoken from a complete twelve hour slumber dans le truckle bed, breathing in the delicious scent of the crumpled white linen and luxuriating in the company of nothing more than a Steiff Bear.

The stamping of tiny Doc Martens is now absent. No doubt they will be charging about the long gallery of the Aristocracy wondering where they will be lined up next.

Any road up, the MG arrived, as fragrant and fabulous as ever and whisked One off to The Blue Ball Inn for a splendid luncheon of Wood Pigeon and a chocolate confection that was, frankly, orgasmic in the extreme.  One can only recall one other delicious confection in the entire loveliness of the day that was more orgasmic…

Of course, not satisfied with the wood pigeon on offer the Masterful Gentleman repaired to the woods, fashioned a sling from a sliver of One’s knicker elastic, and deftly brought down lunch in a single shot.  The shot, fashioned from a golden nugget previously honed from the tooth what One sucked out last week.

One was all a quiver with pride and admiration and melted adoringly into his muscular arms…After lunch, of course.


We then pootled off in the Porche to gaze, once more, at the perfect little love nest that is Sweet Briar Cottage. 

NO, NO, silly old Dear Reader, not pour une et le Gentleman Masterful!  Pray No!

And then the inevitable occurred…

Big painting sold…………  car exhaust drops off

Small one sold……………  smash back light on tractor

Another Big one …………   driver’s side window falls out

(Today’s little drama)

In future One shall have all One’s sales funds directed to ‘Jones Automobiles of Wiveliscombe’ and hope they can find it in their hearts to allow One a small sum each month for Wood Pigeon Luncheons and the like.


1 comment:

Michael said...

How's the childrens book coming? I've got another one: The Adventures of the Wood Nymph or Maria: Adventures of a Wood Nymph in Rural England.

A Day Out With The Masterful Gentleman

A whole Masterful Gentleman series! Or all related to the car. "A Day Out with the Masterful Gentleman: The Adventure in the Ditch" or ADOWMG: The Story of the Car Window

Or an MG series where daily humdrum activities become the sole focus: "The Pleasant Lunch" "The Walk Up A Hill" At twelve pages a pop, the stories don't have to be that involved. Each blog entry could be a new book! :)