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Thursday, 29 May 2014

In which (perhaps a little late in the afternoon) One shall be exercising caution…

Failure to follow even the simplest of instruction may incur the wrath of Lovely One.

Just such an incident occurred yesterday, Dear Reader…

One gave explicit instruction to a prospective suitor NOT under any circs to read One’s innermost thoughts and doings in One’s blog.

Obv with in-depth reporting on One’s thrilling adventures, for example…

The dental floss incident

The Big Issue selling incident

The fart controlled lighting

and scores more misdemeanours over the passing of many a moon it is entirely possible for a stranger to get the wrong impression of Lovely One and to (wrongly) assume that One is not a Lady of the utmost quality.

One is not saying that One’s best pants will never get another airing on the world’s stage, or that One will never be allowing yomps across One’s delicate, creamy white acreage…

But let’s face it Dear Reader…

We’ve trodden this well-worn path afore with dis-fecking-astrous consequences!

One shall be exercising the utmost caution given the dog/chocolate/toxic effect of One on the M of the species.

One shall NOT be casting aside One’s Liberty Bodice in a flurry of pash and indecent haste.

One’s Gok Wan control camisole will NOT be shooting up like a roller blind at every opportunity and One shall NOT be taking a leaf out of the WN’s book and submerging any paramours in the hip-bath.

Well, not yet anyway……………


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