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Saturday, 31 May 2014

In which One get it all sewn up…

Oh my giddy Aunt!  All systems to warp factor one in the Underground Lair.

Having been ejected from One’s own home in favour of the Wood Nymph’s little chum, One was dispatched with indecent haste to Dear J’s. 

J is head of our girl gang, what with her being the oldest, and we sat up till midnight shooting the breeze with the Count on our laps.

As long as you keep stroking the Count and feeding him tit-bits he doesn’t complain too much.  The ideal Male companion in One’s opinion.

Any road up, One has come to an empas and is taking up a position as a Lady’s Maid in preparation for the obv arrival of Maxim de Winter in the guise of a rampant Squash Coach, who will no doubt want to whisk One away from all this and live outrageously in a rose covered cottage in the Highlands until we die of a boffing overdose…

Watch this space, Dear Reader…

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