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Sunday, 18 May 2014

In which if things don’t alter, they’ll remain as they are…

An entire day has passed with not a single emaciated, retired Accountant begging access to One’s acreage.
Perhaps it was a ‘one day only’ offer and One, yet again, was at the airport when One’s ship came in.
Ah well, Espresso pour une, this a.m.
Yet, Dear Reader, the most amazing transformation has taken place!  Lovely One, even at such an advanced yearage, has never been known to let an opportunity for fun and frolics pass One by.
‘I have called off all future liaisons in favour of spending quality time under the quilt with you!’  stated the RR
‘I had a dinner date this Friday and I’ve cancelled it,’ he went on, indignant in the extreme.
One fears this may have been the remark that rendered immediate Twinkle access denied…
This other ‘Fem Fatal’ was being being wined and dined afore the inebriate pounced, yet access to LO was required with indecent haste.
Fem Fatal number one            scoff/boff
Lovely One                                  boff/boff/boff
The decision to decline has been made without the usual counselling of the WN who is absent from the Underground Lair, carving, literally, notches on the bed post of the Aristocracy.
Unless One is persuaded otherwise, Whittakering shall commence shortly.

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