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Saturday, 26 April 2014

In which One is saddened by spite…

Hard to believe, but the Pickled Egg Mafia are still dominating the Community Centre with a hard stare or two.

Seems soooo long ago that they waddled over to One’s newly produced Christmas Cards, flicked through them with a menacing snarl and regrouped for strategy talks behind the clocks made out of CD’s.

The main thrust of their venom was based upon the mantra…

‘She thinks ‘er stuff is better than ours.’


Now it would seem any newcomer to the supposed ‘Community’ market gets the same ‘un’welcome.

One never bothered mentioning this to the newly enthusiastic bods of One’s acquaintance as One assumed that One’s ‘incident’ which occurred around TEN FECKING YEARS AGO was a one off or, at the very least, treatment reserved for ‘outsiders.’

But NO – News reaches One of the spiteful old harridans still behaving in such a manner that persons new are unwilling to return following their inaugural outing.

Just as another little business was forced out of the place by mean spirited spite, so it would appear another has stumbled at the starting blocks.

One supposes it’s futile to ask them to play nicely.


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