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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

In which One is eating the last Rolo…

Well, Dear Reader, ‘tis done!

The Underground Lair is officially up for grabs to the highest bidder.  What a sad day for the other residents of Stalag Malthouse, (Lovely One being the only hope against the Uberleuitnent)  I know, I know it’s speelt wrong, but who gives a rat’s fat.

Nothing stays the same, does it?  So onward and upward, since the only alternative is flat lining.

penthouse apartment

Web definitions

  1. A penthouse apartment or penthouse is an apartment that is on one of the highest floors of an apartment building. Penthouses are typically differentiated from other apartments by luxury features. ...


See above definition before viewing other FLATS for sale in this block.

Fiddle De Dee



:  a multiple-unit low-rise dwelling having considerable lawn or garden space



Lovely One is currently in possession of the latter, correctly described as a Garden Flat.


Any road up, the great unwashed will make up their own minds and surely decide to reside in the blue plaqued lovliness of Lovely One’s old gaff.

One hasn’t had much ado with the doings of the populus of Dear old Wiv, of late, since the little blighters are deserting One’s wares in their droves.  No matter, the holidaying hordes will be descending on Deepest forthwith, clutching their disposable income.

‘You are remarkably sanguine about it all,’ opined Lovely Gordon.

On the surface perhaps, but within, One is deeply disturbed and turbulent.  So much so that One was sleepless in the truckle bed with only 3 episodes of Breaking Bad and a packet of Rolos for company.


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