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Saturday, 12 April 2014

In which One is confused…

‘Hello I just thought I’d give you a call to see how you are,’ said One

‘Huh! There’s work going on up the road outside the school.  The council do stuff for them but don’t care about old people and what we want.’

‘What are they doing?’ enquires One.

‘Putting a bloody crossing outside,’ replied the socially aware Aged P.

THE BASTARDS thought One.  Fancy wasting council tax by putting a crossing outside a school!

Any road up, in an attempt to refocus the conv, One swerved further comment on the crossing.

‘Have you been out this week?’ was One’s next attempt.

‘That bloody Eileen goes to Tesco after Eastenders and I have to wait for them to bring my shopping until 10 o’clock.’

‘It’s good of them to get it for you isn’t it?’ said One.

‘HE takes HER every week,’ was the reply.

Changing tack One went on…

‘There are a proposed fourteen houses being built on the waste ground by the Brewery Tower and so I am thinking of moving,’ said One.

‘The fucking busses aren’t stopping outside here and when I phone up they said they don’t know when they will be re starting.  Fancy that, the idiots don’t know anything and so I can’t go out now,’ came the irrelevant reply.

‘Can’t you get a cab into town?’ enquired One.

‘I’ve got to go. Delphine is coming round with her bad knee and John is bent right over he can’t do anything now and I’m not having that Reiki any more I can see the screw poking out of me leg.’



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