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Monday, 10 March 2014

In which One is knitting a bath mat…

One arrived just in time to stop the complete bunging up of the plug hole works by long black hair.

‘Why won’t the bath water go down?’ thought One upon alighting from the room temperature asses milk.

Then, One proceeded to attack the hole with a special foot long pair of tweezers (it’s amazing what Bettaware sell) and retrieved enough hair Espanole to knit a bath mat.

How can someone so small and with such thick hair shed so much on a daily basis?

One hasn’t seen that amount of super-floo-us hair since One attacked Boy with the clippers.  There was such a massive mound on the floor that it had re-grouped and organised itself into a living entity and attempted to re-join the Motherlode as it left the building.

What a pity Boy bats for the same side.  If he were to breed with the WN they could start a race of house trained Yetti.

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