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Friday, 14 March 2014

In which One is incandescent with fury in the ‘Chemist’s’…

What is going on?  Why can’t people stay firmly in their station in life and not continually attempt to stray into territories other?

A case in point is the ‘Chemist’ shop in Wivey.  One refuses point blank to use that ridiculous epithet ‘Pharmacy.’

Any road up following the debacle when the over-reaching ‘pill counter’ decided to read out One’s vast medication list to a lengthening queue, along with whatever ailment they were to obliterate, One has now another  brace of complaints about the blighters.

A couple of large medication bags ago, One was confronted with a ‘sticker’ inviting One to ‘discuss One’s medication with the Pharmacist.’

Now, why would One do such a thing?  One informed the over zealous bint that should One have any such queries One would be discussing them with One’s General Practitioner.

Off she went with a distinct flounce.

Yesterday, the same self important type demanded information re alcohol consumption.  All this took place at the counter in full view and clearly audible to the assembled mob of both Chemist Shop Assistants and customers.

Now anyone familiar with the indigenous pop of Wivey will know that, to a man, they are fond of a falling down beverage or two.  One declined the kind offer to divulge One’s Pinot preference, as it were, and was met with a hard stare and the statement…

‘So you are refusing are you?’



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