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Thursday, 13 March 2014

In which One deserves the Victoria Cross at the very least…


Boy and Vile ex Husband both brandishing their cameras at One.  Obv One is taking a pic of the two of them paying One a visit for some free scran.  They, however, are here to snap the little Wood Nymph on their new devices.  The poor child was sore afraid, and with good reason!

Any road up, there they are in all their glory.  Vile ex Husband with his tiny little peanut head and Boy with his enormous cannonball bonce. 

Boy swerved a follow up visit yesterday so the WN got his special supper and then One proceeded to continue the knitting tuition.

Cries of ‘Aaaiiieeee Fockitt,’ abounded as the WN struggled with turning a considerable lump of sheep into a pair of mittens.

One scoffs at Scott of the Antarctic

One dismisses the valiant efforts of Florence Nightingale

One cocks a snook at Erasmus

One rolls One’s eyes at Galileo

One dismisses the efforts of Alan Turing with a bat of the hand

Famous for their marvellously magnificent lives


They didn’t have to teach the Wood Nymph to knit


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