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Saturday, 22 March 2014

In which One bids Adieu (until Monday that is)…

All that fuss about digging up the floor of the Underground Lair and cleaning out the pipes. 

Huh!  One spits upon the drain rodders!  If only they’d shoved half a tub of Lidl stoned prunes and a bag of dried apricots down there!  Job done!

Well it worked pour Moi, having spent most of the night on the bog!

Any road up, One is still reeling from the shock of One’s imminent removal from the Underground Lair.

One did ask the blighters and all was well, but well, the rules keep on changing just as One has got the hang of the game.

One wonders if the same person who found it necessary to open my post and write to my previous mortgage holder to tell them I was letting it, is responsible for the latest dilemma?

They wouldn’t!  Would they?

40% bad luck 60% stupid decisions on One’s part have left One in the shite yet again.

Still, you can buy potassium cyanide on Amazon.


Off to attend to a chum with my tree loppers.

Adieu cruel world

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