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Friday, 21 March 2014

In which it’s only the depth that varies…

Since One is a citizen requiring advice, One got some and ‘twould appear that One is up shit creek without a paddle.

Whatever should One do?

One can no longer reside in the Underground Lair.

Should One sell the Lair, One wont have enough spons to purchase a further hidey hole.

Should One let the Lair, One wont have enough to rent a tent.

Ho Hum.  As site goes, this is a big ‘un.

One has oft daydreamed of taking to the road in a camper van but at One’s advanced stage in life One would end up not dissimilar to the potty old pensioner that lived on Alan Bennett’s driveway.

One ponders: is One too advanced in years to put Oneself up for adoption?

Could One join the armed forces?

Could One be a companion ‘friend of the bosom’ such as the girl in Rebecca?

Whatever One does is going to entail taking to the road.

How the devil does One attend to One’s grey roots when One resides on a park bench?

If any of you Dear Readers has the answer, do let make One aware, wont you.

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