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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

In which One is ill and ailing…

Woe, woe is One….

A banging headache arrived with a vengeance on Saturday afternoon.  The same kind of headache that rendered One a v reluctant occupant of the high dependency stroke ward some two Christmases ago.

One was at the time of the onset reclining in the truckle bed having just returned from a double accompanied drive to the workshop with a nervous wood nymph.

Then the evacuation of One’s being began and went on and on for a day and night.

All this has delayed One’s visit to Aged P to ensure she gets her sorry old wrinkled arse into somewhere more suitable for a decrepit old woman.

‘I’ve made an appointment to look round that place I like up the road,’ was the reply to my delayed visitation news.

‘Have you filled in the forms and added yourself to the list?’ One enquired, already knowing that Aged P feels it her right to be exempt from the normal sequence of events that everyone else on the fecking planet has to follow.

What is it that makes her feel that she doesn’t have to follow the rules?  It’s not some anarchistic principle. Oh no, rather the misplaced notion that she is somehow better and more deserving than everyone else.

A character trait One does hope One has not inherited!

The conversation ended thus…

‘Don’t come here if you are ill. I don’t want to catch anything.’

One would be utterly delighted never to go there again!!

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