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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

In which One is having things done…

Was forced to watch some ridiculous film with some article called Will Smith last night.  I’m sure in the film world Smith is a mover and shaker but all One could think was, ‘he’s never going to lose his spectacles with those ears.’

The dear little wood nymph was ‘ooohing’ and ‘aaaahing’ like a good ‘un at all the supposedly romantic doing that were going on for about six fecking hours, or so it seemed, whilst jaded old One was necking the Chardonnay to numb the senses.

Any road up, one unexpected bonus of having the Wood Nymph to stay is that One is able to call upon Vile ex Husband at any hour, day or night, to do all the ‘man’ type jobs that need doing.

For a glimpse of the nubile nymph thus far the Vile one has, sorted out the car and tax and now fronted up to operate on that sodding smoke alarm that has been bleeping day and night and driving One insane in the process.

Now, Vile ex and Boy, who has also fallen under the spell, are coming round again for a scoff on Friday.  One will be compiling a list of jobs that require attention.

Whilst One is happy enough for the Vile ex and ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED for Boy to worship at the alter of the Wood Nymph, if she so much as casts her deep brown eyes in the direction of Lovely Gordon One’ll chin her!!

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