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Friday, 28 February 2014

In which One is adopting the Buddhist way…

One is inclined to ponder that ‘no news is NOT good news’ in the case of Aged P…

Still no word of whether the aged one will be relocating to the waiting rooms at the top of the road.

Despite having informed all and sundry that ‘it is the ONLY place I ever want to go,’ it would appear that it was all bluster and the gnarled one has no intention of moving at all.

Whilst One was in situ, One set about removing a lifetimes worth of detritus on behalf of the Aged P.

‘How about I sort out some of your old junk and take it to the charity shop?’ said One in all innocence.  Immediately One was made aware of the usage of the word ‘junk’ as a slight.

‘I DO NOT HAVE ANY JUNK,’ was the shrieked retort. 

‘I JUST SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN BORN SHOULD I?’ was the following statement.

Clearly an error, as the world would have been deprived of the fragrant presence of Lovely One, but, no matter, One swerved mentioning that little detail due to the close proximity of sharp objects.

A slight overreaction, One observed and ploughed on, holding up items various, above a black sack, for the thumbs up, or down, from the Aged P in the manner of a Roman Emperor.

‘I shall have to have a rest,’ said the AP breathlessly upon completion of one bag of stuff various.

‘I’m not going to the charity shop without a car full of stuff, I’ll be back and forward all week,’ chimed Lovely One.

With that, items began flying all over the shop.  Ancient Artist mags were thrust in all directions and Lovely One was forced to scramble about on the deck in order to achieve some semblance of order.

‘It’s alright for you,’ opined Aged P, stabbing a gnarled digit in One’s direction, ‘You don’t mind having change and you can take it!’

Biting One’s lip almost to the point of blood being drawn, One pondered the Buddhist philosophy that Aged P might gain from the practise of…



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