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Thursday, 9 January 2014

In which One peeks out from behind the shreddies…

Having spent Sunday afternoon with Boy et Elderly Amour, One felt ready to break the No No Pinot Pledge One took upon the dawn of 2014.

However, in the manner of all good Boy Scouts, One was prepared with a ‘dry’ Underground Lair.

Busily gnawing on One’s toenails, One was rudely interrupted…..

‘Hello caller, I’ve a generous portion of thigh with your name on it up the passage.’

Lovely Gordon, of course.

‘Oooh One is tempted.  What time would you like One to attend?,’ One countered.

‘I’ve just got to mosey up the Co-op for a cheeky little white and then we’re good to go, so, say around, 15 minutes?’ came the retort.

Being fully acquainted with ‘Lovely Gordon time’, a measure of passage not in tune with the rest of planet earth, One quietly resolved to put in a load, catch up with the month’s ironing and finish the latter half of War and Peace before venturing up the alley.

Upon One’s arrival, One was surprised indeed to find the Ponderous Professor in residence complete with verre du vin and with a fully loaded clothes horse for One to peek out from behind.

Supper isn’t supper at ‘up the passage’ unless One is cheek to cheek with a freshly laundered pair of L.G.’s shreddies.

A further expedition had obv been undertaken by L.G. to TK Max as a dear little lidded saucepan, a boxed set of winkle probers and an Antimacassar hand fashioned from ear hair clippings, were proudly on display in the centre of the kitchen on top of the super-floo-us third fridge.

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