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Thursday, 30 January 2014

In which One made a mercy dash to Uffculme…


The old gunpowder works on Dartmoor…

An  interested observer has opined that this is the first contemporary art she has ever seen of Dartmoor.

Goodo – lots more to come then!

Have just returned from a mercy dash to take Uncle Bert’s knee to have an injection.

It is freezing to the point of a double-kekker day and yet UB is ackled up in nothing more than a T-shirt (and strides luckily)

One enquired as to whether under-trollies had been deployed since the nurse is a delicate young thing and if confronted with those space-hopper gonads, would surely faint clean away!

Fortunately suitable undercarriage support was nestling ‘neath the ghastly ‘sports’ keks.  I ask you – making sports-wear in that size!  Breaking into more than a moderate trundle would render the old cove unconscious.

Any road up, have another ‘want to meet’ on POF. This time a cheerful looking article who is either a pet lover or suitably unimpressed with One’s profile picture (with Tigerboy) since his opener was ‘what a lovely cat.’  So, even if he doesn’t like me he’ll  be chuffed to see my pussy.

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