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Monday, 20 January 2014

In which One is feeling glum…

Specialist subject – Boat Missing

Fancy!  The JTWSEG has not shuffled off this mortal coil.  He is alive and cycling off in his lycra shorts in the gen direc of a more accommodating spinster of this parish than your very own Lovely One.

One has ascertained this nugget of information from the fact that he has ‘accepted’ my (long ago forgotten about) friend request on Facebook.

Death is the only acceptable excuse for ceasing to pursue Lovely One as you all know and One feels suitably nudged in the ribs by the deliberate ‘still being alive-ness’ of the churlish cove.

Still, what does One expect?  January is bleak enough without being spurned by all and sundry which is what it feels like now.

‘Tis One’s own doing, however, since One is such a complete miserable woebegone dollop that One has kept well away from other mortals lest One envelop them within One’s looming cloud noir.

One was watching that silly Celebrity BB, purely by accident One hastens to add, and listening to that peculiar polished piece of sinew LJ, who has spent most of her natch avoiding situations including a partner until she is perfect.  One has come to the inevitable conc that One has done that throughout One’s youth and now that One is droopy and hirsute about the jowels, One is highly unlikely to ever have any success in that particular region.

Oh well, even if the boat did come in One expects to be at the airport.

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