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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

In which One is a C list celeb about these parts…

‘Where is all the cleaning stuff?  I want to do the housework.’


Fan dabby dozy – or what!!

Not only that, but prints have been ordered from the new Dartmoor masterpiece already! 

Oh my things are starting to look up.

In fact, so much so that on the advice of Vile ex Husband, One has ventured onto the POF website and already have received many offers, despite putting up the gnarled of photograph of One with the darling deceased Tigerboy.

They can’t all feel soz for One, can they?

Any road up, struck up a conv with a splendid looking creature from Deepest and might, just might give it a whirl…

Have made first faux pas though and sent a message to the wrong cove, thinking he was a muscly mining type from the valleys and upon closer inspection have indicated an interest in a wrinkly old codger with white plastic framed sunglasses and baggington strides.

Oh well, onward and upward.

Oh, and the article delivering my painting paper actually recognised One and is an admirer of One’s doings.


Before you ask it wasn’t the Wivey Postie it was a van driving cove from the outside world.


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