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Monday, 27 January 2014

In which One has the TV remote wrestled from One’s grasp…

First night over and passed without incident…

However, One did have to repair to the sanctity of One’s own room following the handing over of the TV remote to MdmS.  Being a young personage, she put One in grave danger of being exposed to young person’s TV… Russell somebody or other’s good news followed by Family Guy, during which a talking dog appeared to run the household with the help of a scary baby.

‘Twas just like being holed up with Boy again.

Am v disappointed to report that she doesn’t appear to be a drug runner or an axe murderer on the run from the law, but merely a dainty young adventurer exploring the globe.

Oh well, she has had the desired effect on One already and One was arisen from the snuggliness of the truckle bed at a Godly hour and in the kitchen doing a ‘load.’

Speaking of which, One is going to let the poor little waif settle in before introducing Lovely Gordon into the mix, since One imagines that an entire evening conversation about white goods, and in particular washin’ mashins is prob not of interest to the little dear.

LG is champing at the bit to enquire of the ‘spin speed’, washing temperature and cleansing qualities of the laundry products available in Puerto Rico, but ‘twill have to wait, the poor girl will run screaming for the hills if One lets that happen before she’s fully acclimatised her little self to the vagaries of the Wiveliscombe-ite.

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