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Friday, 20 December 2013

In which One is under the Nordman Fir…

‘I don’t think he’ll like them,’ she said after being visibly delighted herself.



One sweated blood over that little stack of Russian Dolls.

One dragged them out to be admired at every possible opportunity.

One was transported to realms of delight with the thrilling gasps and ‘Ooooh aren’t you clevers,’ that One received with the retort, ‘I know. Isn’t it hilarious!’

But according to Princess P, himself is unlikely to favour the items with a grimace.

‘Well he’s a man, isn’t he?’ was the comment following on from the assertion that he ‘has no emotion.’

Oh dear me!  And there was One wishing One could be a fly on the wall at the Princess’s Palace to view the occasion.

Any road up, One biffed up the radio studio this a.m. at some ungodly hour to wax lyrical about Christmas in the 1950’s.

Obv for a great part of it, One was viewing it through the bars of me cot, but One does remember the days of being allowed in the ‘front room’ on Christmas Day and all the delights that ensued.

So now, One is back in the Lair all alone awaiting the arrival of Santa, or indeed any old fat bloke that might like to snog me beneath me Nordman Fir.

1 comment:

alan taylor said...

Missed it! Was LO as posh sounding as last time???