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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

In which One is slipping silently away…

There is a dangerous imbalance on the Earth’s Karma axis.

Lovely One, having devoted One’s darling little self to the happiness and fulfilment of others, is shagged all ends up.

‘How can this be?’  You Dear Readers ask yourselves.

‘Fecked if One knows,’ comes the reply.

Having despatched One and One’s only offspring over the road from Vile-ex-Husband before he rendered us homeless and destitute…

Boy now prefers his company, hardly ever visits and never even phones his Dear Mama.

Following One’s careful nurturing of Uncle Bert until he found an institution to live in…

He now regales One with tales of being the sole bloke on the block and is stuffed, on a daily basis, full of cake and tea by toothless old crones desperate for a squint at his duffel bag.

One is hoping for snow this winter in order to slip silently away one night to freeze to fecking death in order not to be a burden.  Not that anyone would notice One’s departure until the spring thaw.