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Saturday, 7 December 2013

In which One is looking for an angle…

One is currently haunted by the image of an ‘artist’ with a ball of wool stuffed up her twinkle.  Let me explain…

According to this odd bodikin knitting for twenty eight days from the wool within is art. 

At first One merely gagged and averted One’s sparkling eyes.


One needs an angle.  It’s obv…

Pickled sheep   -   tick

Self assembly dots    -  tick

stacked up bricks     -    tick

Twinkle twin set     -   tick

OH NO – it’s all been done!

Perchance a Cerulean Blue tube up the twinkster and a few pelvic floor exercises is the way forward.

Worth a try, since if something doesn’t give soon One shall be in the gutter.

No water required as One has an ‘ooops moment’ now and again.

A soupcon of the Jackson Pollocks methinks!

Maybe One’ll get more than a Tena for it!!

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