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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

In which One is full of season’s gruntings…

Hark the horrid angels sing

Glory to Danny Kaye and Bing…

Bla bla fecking fairy light festooned bla…

Glad tidings were delivered to Lovely One.  Boy is putting in an appearance on Christmas Day!

In other exciting news…

One has watched every single adaptation of ‘A Christmas Carol’ that has been screened, culminating in the George C Scott version this evening which is One’s absolute fave.  It is illegal in the underground lair not to do so.

Apart from that One has elicited many a favourable comment regarding the door wreath One has knitted from super-floo-us pubic hair purloined from the bath plug hole.

Off to make sausage rolls now and then scoff the lot in front of the telly.

So like the home life of our very own Majesty the Queen.

Ooooh, Christmas has just been delivered by a fat bloke in a red T shirt.

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