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Thursday, 17 October 2013

In which One is miffed…

Am miffed in the extreme!  Have just completely shagged an ink masterpiece by spraying it with too much water.  And as you know, Dear Reader, everything’s for sale!

Not for Lovely One the keeping of a sketch book. One spits upon the sketch book keeper.  Every single item of creation is for sale.

Any road up, One is biffing up the Bear on Sunday lunchtime to knock walk frames with the Jolly Tall WS bla bla…

Maybe One could tap him for a ‘Gastro Pob Dock lonch’ a la Marks and Spencer.  What is it with all this ooop North speak, it gets reet on mee nellies, it doz.

Of course One shall have to proportion time accordingly so as to fit in One’s weekend chum, Lovely Gordon.  Still, even if One has a slap up Sunday Lunch, One will be ready for another scoff up at LG’s supper time of 11 hundred hours.

Just a timely warning to all those expecting Christmas presents from One.  One has begun several knitting projects, mostly garments and One will be expecting all recipients to wear said garments throughout the festive season.

Lovely Gordon will be in receipt of a lengthy scarf in a rainbow of discreet and subtle colours, decorated with hand made pom poms and tassels.  He’ll look a Bobby Dazzler in that!

Uncle Bert will be receiving a hand crocheted, halter neck, gonad sling which should minimise the collatoral damage when taking part in the Andy Stewart Highland Fling Hogmanay Party.


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