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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Hello comment maker - I'm back

Six months have come and gone since I started work as an art tutor for physically and/or mentally handicapped adults. I was so horrified on the first day, I nearly came home, but a little thing like the mortgage and a teenage son made me stay. I've learned a thing or two about the human condition, personality overrides everything else and some people would be nice or downright awful whatever. It's really tiring trying to keep everyone entertained and happy all day. One or two of them, I could throttle on a daily basis. However, the job itself does have some real worth, even if it pays peanuts. I am currently 'not there' since I have developed a cough like someone who smokes 60 woodbine per day and am deemed not suitable to be with the residents at present. Bit of a bummer really since I pick up all my germs at work when the little blighters sneeze and cough all over me!
the other upshot of it, is, I've had to cancel my holiday. I haven't had one for years, but I'm pretty sure this episode is going to render me immobile for a week or so.
I am spending the time in a worthwhile manner and painting a portrait of Tigerboy the big fat ginger cat. I hope someone will buy it.
On my visit to the doctor I had my BP taken four times. The doctor's hands were shaking by the end of it. I'm sure I didn't help matters by laughing when the manual pressure machine's tube blew apart. I now have the dubious honour of having BP so high that I'm a walking miracle apparently! Fame at last. So, in an endeavour to re-order my life - no more fags - 1 or at the very most - 2 glasses of red wine a day.
I am so excited, albeit too late, to find that, on the first investigation of my blog comments section I actually had one in April! THERE IS SOMEONE OUT THERE (but they've gone -boohoo)