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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Vile Husband makes a moonlit visit

Last night put the tin hat on my miserable, car crash, nightmare life. Just before 3.00am I was woken by the outside buzzer at the flat. I took a moment or two to decide if I'd been dreaming but the urge to investigate was too strong to overcome. On answering the internal phone I was greeted by an incoherent message that just had to be vile husband. In order to ensure I didn't let in anyone even more peculiar than he, I opened the window in Edward's room to find out who was there and ofcourse that woke him up. It was indeed vile husband in the throes of a low blood sugar episode. I let him in and gave him lucozade. In the middle of the call to the emergency doctor the phone went dead as the battery had run out. Now, call me unreasonable if you will, but even though vile husband cruelly abandoned me over a year ago, I am obviously so deeply embedded into his phsycie (is that how you spell it) as some kind of carer/mummy figure that even in the midst of an attack he can make his way across town to me!!!! I satisfied myself with a series of questions like 'who is the PM, what day is it, and are you a selfish shitbag?' On answering to my satisfaction I packed him off back to his own flat with the promise that he'd phone me on arrival. This he did, as did the emergency doctor on restoration of the phone battery and at the exact moment I sat on the loo! If anyone out there is urgently awaiting a phone call just give them my number, because I guarantee that as soon as I sit on the loo they'll call. It works every time.