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Sunday, 24 February 2008

Get a job you vile git!

Having been apart from vile husband for more than a year now, he is still having far too much control over my life. As he clearly feels that child maintenence is an optional matter, I have had to get myself yet another job to make ends meet. Even though I'd organised enough cash to see me through a year of trying to make it as a totally self supporting artist, I've had to use the money to live day to day instead. So, at the great old age of 50, I embark on yet another career change. I'm now an 'art tutor' in a residential home for adults with varying levels of special needs. I'm looking forward to starting quite soon and to leaving the world of estate agency behind. I did enjoy that but since the current housing market lull I expect I'd have been got rid of anyway!
Vile husband let his teenage son go to the bank yesterday and take out some pocket money to pay for their fish and chips and then he came round to see me and asked me to pay his gas bill as he's about to be cut off! I pointed out that if I did pay it, I would certainly be sectioned. In fact my BF has said that if I go soft and do pay she will start the sectioning process herself! As she says ' if it wasn't so pathetic, it would be funny.' I wonder if he's thought about getting a job?

Friday, 22 February 2008

prozac dreams

I stopped the car to pick up a passenger and a huge seagull flew into the back and sat on the floor. It made itself at home on a box of eggs. I passed the baby to Tam, my son's friend, and began to try to coax the seagull out of the car. Eventually, following much flapping about, it simply vanished. I went to get the eggs and inside the car found six little chicks sitting on the floor cheeping. A passing Indian woman said she'd sell me the chicks for three pounds each which made me really mad as the eggs belonged to me anyway. After telling her off I told tam to be careful with the baby. She began to pull a large peice of exercise equipment out of the car and dropped the baby. Luckily I caught it and she pulled from the car an enormous running machine which she dropped on the ground and with that, began to scream. Both her shoulders were dislocated and her arms hung loosely at her sides. She was crying and screaming about a large lump in her stomach which we thought may be a hernia from the effort with the running machine.
then I woke up