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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Pollyanna lives!

Well - 2008! Admittedly it's started a bit late for me, I just HAD to watch Pollyanna. Right at the end of last year I vowed, 'Pollyanna is dead, long live Mildred Pierce'. Well, it must have been a sign, Pollyanna lives on, even though she's fifty and in danger of looking wildly ridiculous with a sense of optimism that is simply not borne out in any way, I can't kill her off just yet! Mildred Pierce, however, will be taking over control of my professional life. No more trying to resurrect the shop, let someone else do it! I'm going all out for fame and fortune. If it doesn't work out at least I'll be able to read about it. If I fail miserably I expect there'll be a nice warm checkout station for me in the Co-op.